9 Ways To Keep Your Facial Skin Soft And Supple If You Have Diabetes

9 Ways To Keep Your Facial Skin Soft And Supple If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is associated with unhealthy sugar levels. Not only does it involve fluctuating sugar levels, but also dry skin. While dry skin is normal for some people, it can be worse for a diabetic person.

Almost every skin type deserves its own specific skincare, but it is more complicated in the case of diabetes. As per the statistics, 79% of people have already developed dry skin. Its management can be tough until you get the best skin moisturizer for diabetics

Don’t worry about the dry skin anymore. Vede’lan have prepared a list of easy tips that can get you soft and moisturized skin. 

9 ways to keep your facial skin soft and supple if you have diabetes

If you have diabetes, there are nine ways to keep your facial skin soft and supple.

The most obvious skin in the human body is that of the face. Due to its sensitivity, it has to be taken extra care of. 

Now, before you find the best skin moisturizer for diabetics, improve your skincare routine. We have got you some easy tips to keep in mind. 

Nothing can substitute the advice of your doctor. However, sooner or later, our tips will help with diabetic skin care. 

  1. Review your bathing habits

Bathing habits such as long showers, use of sponges, and hot showers decrease the moisture. These are certain things that need to be reviewed and changed. 

Smaller showers, warm water, and sponges’ minimal use are effective. 

We also suggest avoiding the use of harsh body lotions in the shower. Rather, natural products are a good alternative. Herbals are the best alternative in such cases.

2. Shave after the shower.

Many people have the habit of shaving in the shower. This may be normal, but it is not good for diabetics. 

Shaving in the shower can lead to the loss of excess moisture. We, thus, recommend shaving hair after a shower to avoid moisture loss. 

Use sensitive-skin-friendly products for extra nourishing action. There are specific products for extra dry and sensitive skin. So, ensure moisturized skin using the best skin moisturizer for diabetics before shaving. 

3. Moisturize

Protection from moisture begins with regular moisturization. For diabetic people, we recommend using special moisturizers. Whether lotion or cream, it should be thick and greasy. 

It may not be an easy task to find the best moisturizer when you are diabetic. However, there are plenty of consultation sources. 

We recommend conducting research on the best skin moisturizer for diabetics. You may also have a specific one based on your skin type. 

4.  Wear sunscreen.

A good sunscreen does both—blocking harmful sun radiation as well as locking in moisture. It is important to check the SPF before application. 

We suggest using sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. This can also act as the best skin moisturizer for diabetics. 

Since diabetic skin needs extra care, consulting your doctor is the best option. Not only will it help in diagnosis, but also in suggesting the best products. 

5. Check the ingredients of your products.

Not every ingredient is suited to your skin. It is, thus, recommended to check out the composition of your products. Ensure the complete elimination of harsh chemicals from your skincare list. 

We recommend avoiding ingredients like methyl-iso-thionine, sodium lauryl sulfate, and acrylates. If possible, opt for natural skincare methods or use the products suggested by your doctor. 

The best skin moisturizer for diabetics would be free of all harsh chemicals. 

6. Wear gloves

You can save your hands’ moisture by wearing gloves even while at home. Make sure you wear them. For example, you can lock in moisture after applying moisturizer to get soft hands. 

Make sure the gloves are soft and reusable. Ensure their fabric is soft on your skin. 

7. Use a humidifier for dry skin 

The use of a humidifier helps with cracked lips and dry sinuses. It is an easy way to deal with dry skin. It is also important to protect skin from drying out due to indoor air. 

It would pull the moisture into the air to retain hydration. Use it as per the suggested frequency as the best skin moisturizer for diabetics. 

8. “Go natural” whenever possible.

Aloe vera is one of the best natural herbs for dry skin and many other problems. You can apply aloe vera gel for moisturization and healing of cracked skin. It has an effective action that deeply cleanses the skin. 

Apart from aloe vera gel, we suggest using coconut oil or sunflower oil. This can be an excellent solution as the best skin moisturizer for diabetics but is better as compared to harsh chemicals. 

9. Check your diet.

A balanced diet is the key to a healthy body. So, make sure you are getting all the nutrients in the appropriate amounts. 

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, fish oil, and collagen are essential for managing diabetic dry skin. There may be some more sources of the right nutrition. 

Since diabetes is not a genuine case, we recommend relying on the doctor. Doctors and nutritionists can suggest the best diet that meets all the requirements. 

What makes diabetic skin dry? Can the best skin moisturizer for diabetics help?

There are certain reasons for the dryness of the skin, especially during diabetes. Here are some points that can explain this better. 

  • On average, 79% of people develop dry skin due to diabetes. There are a number of symptoms they have to go through. For example, blisters, rashes, allergies, and dry skin are the most common symptoms. 
  • An increased blood sugar level leads to the puling of fluid from cells, leading to the loss of necessary fluids. 
  • As per neuropathy, diabetes can damage the nerves. This makes the nerves inactive to send important messages like perspiration.
  • Itchy skin acts as a flourishing ground for infectious microorganisms. 

This list describes the action of diabetes on the skin. After this, it becomes more important to develop special skincare for diabetic skin. Having the best skin moisturizer for diabetics can be of help here.


Concluding Lines 

So, readers, we hope these tips are beneficial for you. Besides, the explanation could have been useful for your information. 

This list of skincare products for diabetes is not complete. Since it is impossible to do it all in one go, we would unravel everything in pieces. Till then, take care of your skin. 

Vede’lan Face Cream helps to reduce the severity of dry itchy skin. With medicated ingredients including prebiotic lactobacillus and enzymes, Vedelan Face Cream nourishes your face while also reducing breakouts and itching caused by dryness.

See you soon with more valuable advice.

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