How To Remove Tan From Hands & Legs: Home Remedies for 2023

How To Remove Tan From Hands & Legs: Home Remedies for 2023

So, how to remove tan? After a fun beach day, what concerns us the most? Is it the tan? Skincare is essential to living a healthy, happy, self-assured lifestyle. Therefore leaving tans to get healed on their own is not a gentle suggestion to wait for. You must know that tanning can

  • Damage the immunity system permanently.
  • It makes it challenging to treat some particular diseases.
  • It can cause melanoma (the most dangerous type of skin cancer). 

Thus treating it as soon as possible is what assures you did something healthy for yourself. Leaning towards Ayurvedic remedies is definitely generous. 

So, stop searching for ‘how to remove tan’ right now, for we’ve got you covered. The Ayurvedic tan removal methods discussed are efficient while being tremendously effective. 

How To Remove Tan From Hands & Legs: 8 Ayurvedic Tan Treatments To Apply In 2023 

How to Remove Tan? Lemon And Honey Works Amazing

Why? – Lemon is great for boosting collagen, treating acne (because of its anti-microbial traits), and can be used to treat dandruff. Studies show lemon juice is also effective in curing psoriasis. And as for honey, its moisturizing ingredients treat signs of aging, are fantastic for tackling sunburns, and have skin-lightning properties. Therefore mixing these two powerful ingredients is ideal for normal and dry skin types. 

Steps-Take a lemon, and squeeze out the juice entirely while adding one teaspoon of honey. Apply the solution to your tanned body parts and keep it for around 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. Cleanse up the residue with a mild body wash.

What About Turmeric And Gram Flour

Why? – Turmeric is the ayurvedic item that heals pimples, lightens up skin pigmentations, helps with dark circles, controls premature aging, adds glow to the skin, and offers protection from environmental damage. 

On the other hand, gram flour is what you just need to treat your tanned skin. Additionally, it is an excellent exfoliation agent that scrubs off dead skin cells without irritating them. Further, it unclogs the pores while sucking the oily gunk from the skin. So, yes, gram flour it is. 

Steps-Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder in one cup of besan. To make it into a paste, add milk. Apply the body mask on your affected tanned region and wait for it to dry. While rinsing it off the body, massage it gently and slowly scrub off the residual paste. 

Can’t Forget Milk and Saffron

Why? -Well, history tells us that saffron is a humble ingredient used to clear complexion improving skin texture and fading away blemishes and pigmentations over time. Henceforth you can also use the ingredient with milk in your skin pampering session. 

Steps-Now take some strands of saffron and put them in milk. Wait for some time. Apply the solution to your affected tanned body parts. Let it dry. Wash off the body paste by taking a warm shower.

How To Remove Tan? Let’s apply Otamilk and Buttermilk

Why? – Oatmeal organically is a superb exfoliating agent. Infusing the idea with buttermilk makes it a cherry on the top situation. Again, Why? Because buttermilk is packed with lactic acid. The combination treats tan and softens skin while evening out the skin complexion.  

Steps-Take one to two tablespoons of oatmeal and soak them for the night. In the next morning, include fresh buttermilk and blend the ingredients well. Apply the body mask on your tanned area following circular motion, leaving it for 30 minutes. Take a warm shower to rinse off the body mask. Apply an Ayurvedic moisturizer to lock in the needed nourishment for your skin. 

Don’t Forget Almond Scrub

Why? – Almond is loaded with vitamin E, which nourishes your skin, healing sunburns to fade the tan. Additionally, Almond scrub is also suitable for treating uneven skin texture. 

Steps-Take some almonds and crush them in your mixer grinder. Add rose water to the blend to make the body scrub runny. Now apply the scrub on your tanned hands and feet. Ensure that you don’t go rough; go a slow motion. Wash off the scrub with a comforting warm shower. 

How To Remove Tan? Yes, Potato Juice It is

Why? –Since potato juice is a miraculous natural ingredient that heals under-eye issues; thus you can consider the juice for your tanned skin situation as well. Besides, did you know that Potatoe juice is organically soothing? So, if you’re experiencing a burning sensation in any part of the body, without a doubt, apply a slice of freshly cut potato. You will observe a noticeable calm sensation in no time. 

Steps-Grate half a raw potato, and pull out the juice from the same. Apply the juice to your tanned body regions. Leave the juice on your arms and legs till it dries up. Take a shower to get rid of the body mask completely. 

Strawberries and Cream Is Another Superb Face Mask

Why? -Strawberries are organic exfoliators packed with brightening properties, namely AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and vitamin C. As for the cream and milk are natural moisturizer which takes care of your tanned skin by handling it delicately.

Steps- Chop up fresh strawberries and add milk and cream. Put the ingredients in a blender and prepare a slurry smooth paste. Apply the mask to your tanned arms and legs. Leave the mask for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. 

Cucumber Juice Is Healthy Both On The Tan And In Gut

Why? –The cooling properties of cucumber dedicatedly work in bringing down the tensed skin texture. Besides, cucumber is hydrating and can fix discoloration and lighten pigmentation. 

Steps- Peel and then grate a cucumber. Extract the juice from the cucumber. Using a cotton ball, apply the fluid all over the tanned arms and legs. Let the liquid dry up. Take a warm shower to rinse off the cucumber residue from your body. 

While Wrapping Up

So, how to remove tan? Hope you got your answer here. However, after you shower, care routine with the remedies discussed right now, add an extra boost of nourishment with Vedelan Body lotion. The Ayurvedic skin care formula is even an excellent consideration for diabetic patients in your family too. The Item soothes sensitive skin, locks in hydration, and adds a glow to the skin while emanating a pleasant fragrance with every application.

So, ensure that you include Vedelan body lotion in your tan care process.

Also, don’t forget to check the other remarkable Ayurvedic items from Vedelan. So Hurry Up!!

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