Moisturiser Body Care

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BODY MOISTURISER: Vedelan Moisturiser Body Care is a skincare product that helps to create a deep and nourished condition for the skin. The moisturizer is formulated with natural but effective ingredients that go beyond your expectations. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, body lotion, and night face cream. 100% natural and organic Product.

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Balanced formula for all skin types and all seasons.

No matter what season it is, our skin needs moisture to maintain its texture and softness, Vede’lan Moisturizer provide moisture with rich, easy-to-absorb herbal ingredients –

Melia Azedarach, Pandus odoratissimus, Nelumvium speciosum, Rubia cordifolia, Symplocos racemosa,callicarpa Macrophylla,Pterocarpus santalinus, Curcuma amada, Berberis aristata, Punica granatum, Lavandula stoechas, Rosemarinus officinale and vitamin E oil, with permissible cream base free from paraben and harmful chemicals.

It penetrates deep into the skin and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated-

  • Reduces Skin Problems
  •  Prevent Dryness
  •  Soothes Sensitive Skin
  •  Smoothen extra dry or rough spots on the skin
  •  Makes the skin radiant
  •  Pleasant lasting fragrance

Moisturiser Body Care

This product is also very good for Diabetics with dry, parched unhealthy and sensitive skin. Vedelan Moisturiser Body Care is a skin care product which helps to create a deep and nourished condition for the skin.

How to use: Apply this non-sticky moisturizer on your body and massage for a few minutes till it absorbs.

Note: Color and consistency may change after some time because it is made up of natural herbal decoctions/ extracts, but efficacy remains the same. No artificial colour was added.

Caution: Test patch on inner elbow before use for minutes, if no irritation occurs continue use, Keep away from reach of children. For External use only.

Expiry: 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Packing: 100 ml & 200 ml bottle

5 reviews for Moisturiser Body Care

  1. Nidhi Singh

    Have you been looking for the best moisturizer for diabetic skin? It is high time you get the Vedelan moisturizer body cream. It is a treat to one’s skin. Right from locking the moisture content to radiance, it does everything. The best thing is its healing nature for diabetic skin.

  2. Swati Tiwari

    Vedelan moisturizer, the best moisturizer for diabetic skin can resolve all skin issues. Not only does it treat dry skin nicely, but also restores its glow and adds aroma. It leaves highly sensitive skin (as in the case of diabetics). Go for this remedy without any second thoughts and consideration.

  3. Priya

    In my opinion, the best moisturizer for diabetic skin is the Vedelan body moisturizer cream. I will tell you why. It is a special herbal formulation of herbs. It is a gift for diabetics. It is worth trying and trusts me, you would never be disappointed with its usage.

  4. Jyoti

    It is almost impossible to manage diabetic skin. When you find the best moisturizer for diabetic skin such as Vedelan body moisturizer. It is the best thing. It can help you overcome all the issues of diabetic skin. Be its moisture retention, redness, or skin irritation, anything is curable now.

  5. Prasant

    Very well worth the money.

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