Oral Hygiene Spray

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Poor dental and oral hygiene can not only cause the bad odour of mouth, gums problem, tooth decay but also have a negative effect on systemic health particularly in diabetic patients.

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Balanced Formula for mouth cleaner

mouth cleaner: Poor dental and oral hygiene can not only cause bad odour of mouth, gum problems, and tooth decay but also have a negative effect on systemic health, particularly in diabetic patients.

So practicing good oral hygiene is very important to maintaining good health. Vedelan Oral Hygiene spray is a unique natural formulation that contains herbs like Hibiscus Abelmoschus, Zanthoxylum alatum, Mimusops elengi, glycyrrhiza glabra, Azadirachta indica, Syzygium aromaticum,Acacia catechu, Thymus Serpyllum, Geranium wallichianum and shows the therapeutic effect to:

  •  Prevent Plaque formation and bad odor from the mouth.
  •  Strengthen gums.
  •  Reduce gingivitis and gum inflammation.
  •  Maintain oral hygiene with an antiseptic effect.
  •  Prevent caries and cavities formation.
  •  Prevent teeth staining.
  •  Prevent early tooth decay.

Good for Diabetic oral care.

Oral Hygiene Spray-

How to use:

Shake well before use, spray into your mouth morning and night after brushing your teeth, Can also be used after eating to clean your mouth. Easy to use spray application more convenient for travel and out of home use.

Caution: Do not swallow, Keep away from reach of children. For External use only.

Expiry: 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Packing: 50 ml & 100 ml bottle

6 reviews for Oral Hygiene Spray

  1. Aman

    Vedelan Oral Hygiene has made my home and vacations simply sorted. I ate at my heart’s content and didn’t feel stressed about smelling bad at all. This hygiene spray kept my mouth fresh while taking care of my dental situation for a long time. Besides, it is an ayurvedic product which is another plus point for grabbing this oral hygiene spray. I would highly suggest that you grab one for yourself.

  2. Manisha singh

    I am a diabetic; therefore, I must think a lot before investing in any product. So when I came across Vedelan Oral Hygiene spray, I was worried about this spray, which might affect my oral health and also my diabetic status too. But this spray really changed my life. I was benefitted a lot. Not only this oral care helped me with my dental, gum, and overall oral health, but also helped me a lot in managing my work and home life, speeding it up. It is a superb alternative to brushing on the go, which is important if you have a busy lifestyle. This Ayurvedic oral care is a boon that we all should give a try.

  3. Yogita sarkar

    Vedelan Oral Hygiene is a savior for my after-lunch hours in my office. I used to always worry about my mouth smelling bad. But this dental spray made it easy for me. I just have to shake it and spray, just that’s it. Besides, it not only helped me with my mouth smelling bad, but I also found that my gums and other oral trouble have also vanished. I am very satisfied with his ayurvedic oral spray. Lastly, you don’t have to stress about getting any side effects. Isn’t this a great purchase?

  4. Dipti Patel

    It was hard for me to maintain a fast lifestyle. However, after I bought this Vedelan Oral Hygiene spray from Vedelan, life became much simpler and sorted, of course. I have been using this oral hygiene spray for over a month and have observed significant dental health results. Besides, it is an excellent alternative to brushing on the go. I was drawn to the product because of its all-natural formulation. Therefore my high blood sugar level was also not affected by it at all. I am happy and would recommend the same to everyone.

  5. Ankit

    If you suffer from bad breath, dental issues, or gum trouble, then this is what you must have. I was skeptical about the product; however, I was rewarded after giving it a try. The best thing about this ayurvedic oral hygiene spray is that if you have a diabetic family member, they can also use it. It is an all-natural hygiene spray, so don’t worry about getting any side effects.

  6. Patrick

    Very fast delivery.

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