Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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Dandruff is not a pretty sight to behold, but it’s easy to get rid of with Anti dandruff shampoo. Our dandruff shampoo’s active ingredients treat the cause of dandruff, and leave your scalp moisturized and itch-free. Buy our luxury shampoo now to end the misery. Balanced formula for all types of Hair.

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Ayurvedic Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Balanced formula for all types of Hair

Natural way for Dandruff reduction

Vedelan shampoo is a special formulation of herbs such as Cyperus rotundus, ocimum sanctum, caeslpinia bonducella, Eclipta elba, Albizzia lebbeck, Meliaa zedarach, Cassia tora, Lawsonia inermis, Lavendula stoechas, Melaleuca leuca dendron, vetiveria zizanoides with permissible base material free from Zinc, Sulphate, Parabens and Silicones.

It has a naturally balanced pH and is highly potent in dry and flaky scalp conditions. It is not only a cosmetic product but also has a therapeutic effect. Good results are visible within a month of regular usage.

With its natural antiseptic properties:

  • Soothes itchy scalp and reduces dandruff without stripping off natural
  • Protects scalp from bacterial and fungal infections
  • Gives a healthy shine to hair.
  • The pleasant natural fragrance of herbs gives a feeling of cleanliness.

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Before using this Anti Dandruff shampoo, one should carefully try to remove as many scaly or crusty patches on the scalp by gently combing or hair brushing as possible. Do not remove patches or plaques aggressively, as this may further irritate and inflame the pre-existing scalp. condition. This formulation is also efficacious in Diabetic hair care.

How to use: Use it by applying it to wet hair, massage it into the hair for 2 to 3 minutes, and then rinse it out with water thoroughly.

Note: Shake well before use, colour may change after some time because it is made up of natural herbal decoctions and extracts, but efficacy will remain the same. No artificial colour was added.

Caution: Rinse immediately with water, it comes in contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For External use only.

Expiry: 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Packing: 100/ 200 ml bottle

6 reviews for Anti Dandruff Shampoo

  1. Naga Arjun

    Its Really Amazing. I have tried lot of Leading Brands But it gave me temporary Relief from Dandruff. But vedelan shampoo gives excellent results. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Sumati Saini

    With the winters, considering an Anti-dandruff shampoo for the entire family is what I have looked for all these years. But I could not find one till I fell in front of this Anti-dandruff shampoo from Vedelan. This All-natural shampoo is sulfate-free and paraben free, which is excellent for my grandmother as well because this shampoo is for diabetics too. I am almost finished with this bottle, and I will repurchase this again. This is a budget-friendly Anti-dandruff shampoo that I would highly recommend to everyone.

  3. Pratibha Nayak

    Being a diabetic is hard. I have to choose every single skin care, hair care, and body care product with the utmost consideration. Likewise, I gave this Anti-dandruff shampoo a try. And I am about to purchase the next bottle very soon. The affordable shampoo took care of my hair health while not affecting my diabetic situation at all. Additionally, this is an Ayurvedic shampoo that is paraben-free and sulfate free, developed by combining herbs that looks after the growth of my hair while treating dandruff effectively. I just made the right call for my health and hair with his Anti-dandruff shampoo from Vedelan.

  4. Tulshi

    Grabbing the best Anti dandruff shampoo was always my lookout since my dandruff seemed to be a non-treatable situation. But after I stumbled over this Anti-dandruff shampoo from Vedealn, my whole hair goal changed. The dry, itchy scalp is a long history. The sulfate-free and paraben-free formulations are prepared with rich herbs which target overall hair health. I was looking for a combination that would help my hair health along with my dandruff, this shampoo generously helped me. Additionally, this Anti-dandruff shampoo hair care product is also advantageous for diabetics like me. I am very happy.

  5. Max

    The product is firmly packed.

  6. Swati Kumari

    I had a very dry and itchy scalp, therefore, I suffered a lot from dandruff, irrespective of the season. But this Anti-dandruff shampoo has changed my life; not only the scalp appears healthy, but my dandruff issue has also been reduced, like vanishing completely. Besides, this Anti-dandruff shampoo comes with sulfate and paraben-free formulation. So, I am satisfied with my purchase, and you would be too.

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