11 Best Daily Regime to follow for Skin and Foot Care for Diabetics

11 Best Daily Regime to follow for Skin and Foot Care for Diabetics

Almost 70% of people with diabetes suffer from neuropathy, the symptoms of which can result in severe infections. Neuropathy is essentially the inability of the body to feel the affected part. This means that neuropathy of the feet will result in you not noticing any infection, cuts, sores, or even pain. More often than not, this ignorance results in severe infections and gangrene, and even amputation. We suggest skin and foot care for diabetics.

Neuropathy is why your feet remain dry. The nerves cannot receive the brain’s signal to sweat and moisturize. The cracks result in openings for germs that cause infections. Plus, the shape of the foot changes, corns, and many problems. 

While we understand that all of it is too much of an issue to handle, with a dedicated regime of skin and foot care for diabetics, all of these problems can be addressed adequately. Therefore, this blog will discuss the 11 best daily regimes to follow for skin and foot care for diabetics.

11 Best Daily Regime to follow for Skin and Foot Care for Diabetics

Inspect Your Feet Every Day for Cracks, Wounds, and Sores

As mentioned above, neuropathy can result in your inability to feel anything on your feet at all. Since you cannot feel things explicitly, you must check for sores, cuts, cracks, or patches on your skin. You can inspect by either keeping a mirror on the floor and checking there or asking your friends/family to do the needful for you.

Do not test the waters!

Literally!!! Hot water can cause burns, and extremely cold water can cause cold burns. Both of these would result in significant discomfort and increased chances of infection, which you, because of your neuropathy, won’t be able to detect. So instead, make use of your fingertips- it will serve your purpose.

Wear Good, quality socks and footwear

We mentioned it in another one of our blogs and will say it again. If you want to stick to the skin and foot care for diabetics regime, ensure that the quality of your footwear is at par too. Go for soft pure cotton socks and avoid leather shoes. Go for the comfort sole models- they help ease your life.

No Barefoot business!

Whether outside or home, even if you want to go to a temple to pay your respects, never be barefoot. You can wear socks and do the needful but try that your feet don’t touch the ground. You can never know what will hit you; your neuropathy will result in you not noticing it even!

Keep your feet dry!

Again, something we mentioned in another one of our blogs is ensuring that your feet are dry and devoid of excess moisture to prevent any fungal infections. There are multiple foot powders available that absorb the excess moisture or sweat and keep the feet the right amount of dry. Try them!

See a Podiatrist regularly.

Another very important aspect of a good regime for skin and foot care for diabetics is a regular visit to a podiatrist or dermatologist in general. Unlike general doctors, these people know the specific ailments that can bother you as a person with diabetes. So, ensure that you keep taking their guidance from time to time.

Use Orthotic Shoes if possible.

We mentioned earlier that you should wear comfortable shoes and socks in general and that you should never go barefoot. However, a regime like this can also be quite discomforting. Orthotic shoes are made specifically for diabetics and are available in most surgical stores. However, a dedicated order must be placed since they are usually custom-molded for individual requirements. This may take time in production, and the cost may be slightly higher, but it will be worth it. If you have had a history of ulcers or sores forming on your feet regularly, the orthotic shoes will be a must.

Go for Low-impact Exercises

Exercises are important for diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels. However, most exercises require people to put significant pressure on their feet. Sadly, you cannot risk doing that and getting injured. Thus, while you should do the much-needed cardio and weight lifting, try to go light on your feet. For example, maybe replace jumping jacks and brisk walking with walking and cycling. Also, ensure you have the right shoes for your activity.

Quit Smoking

You should do that even if you don’t have diabetes. If you are one, well then, there is no question about why you should quit right away. Smoking results in reduced oxygen levels in the body. As a person with diabetes, you are dealing with so many other issues; why add this additional one and marr your dedicated regime of skin and foot care for diabetics then?

Control your Blood Sugar and Avoid Neuropathy

We should have ideally started with this one when we started talking about the dedicated skin and foot care for diabetics regime. You see, the more sugar, the more nerve damage and neuropathy risk. However, neuropathy can be prevented altogether if you can control your blood sugar levels through treatment or just watching your lifestyle. So, why not try that?

Check-in with your care team

Your doctors and attendants/dieticians will give you a dedicated plan involving your diet, the dos and the don’ts that would keep your weight, fitness, and blood sugar in check. So stick to it and monitor your regime regularly. It should help you a lot. Buy Vedel’an foot heal cream.

For most diabetics on any kind of care regime, discipline is the key to a happy and healthy life. We are sure that you understand that and hence will stick to good skin and foot care regimen for diabetics and a good healthcare and lifestyle regime.

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