11 Effective Tips On Foot Care For Diabetics

11 Effective Tips On Foot Care For Diabetics

The speedy lifestyle we are running each day generously traps us into falling for lures such as sparkling sodas, mouthwatering delicacies, and lazy rest days. These lures make us happy but also invite Diabetes. Diabetes is a difficult situation that makes you care for your entire body, especially your feet. So, have you started looking for foot care for diabetics?

This body part offers easy maneuvering of your physical being, taking you from one place to another. However, when you have Diabetes, exceptional attention to this part of the body becomes vital. Ayurveda can be helpful in this regard.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a medical condition where the human body shows excessive sugar levels in the blood. With Diabetes, people face many hands, feet, and other significant bodily troubles that might make life challenging. Besides, with a diabetic life, you may invite-

  • Heart Strokes
  • Narrowing of arteries
  • Frequent chest pain
  • Neural problems

And more…

Well, of course, checking with a medical expert is a must. However, it would be best if you also adopted the Ayurvedic way of life to ease the struggle one typically suffers with Diabetes. 

So, what steps do you follow to take good foot care for diabetics? This guide will help you in your mission to take skilled foot care for diabetics. You should know why do heels crack more for diabetics and 7 ways to solve this?

11 Effective Tips On Foot Care For Diabetics

Feet almost get discounted and remain ignored when considering a detailed pampering session for a diabetic lifestyle. So, are there any foot care for diabetics tips that you can take assistance from?

Yes, and these are-

1) Washing Your Feet 

One of the most essential foot care for diabetics tips is washing the feet. When you are a diabetic patient cleaning your feet at stipulated intervals becomes quite essential. However, ensure that you use lukewarm water for the practice. So, clean your feet by washing them regularly with warm water. Nevertheless, see that the water is not hot.

2) Apply A Good Moisturizer

After you have cleaned and washed the nooks and crevices of your feet, apply a good moisturizer to balance the pH. Also, applying moisturizer prevents your skin from drying and cracking. So, using a good foot moisturizer will prevent dry skin and also itching. However, never apply the moisturizer between the toes. It can provoke fungal infections. 

3) Don’t Forget To Cut/Trim Your Foot Nails

See that you follow a well-maintained nail-cutting/trimming regimen to enjoy healthy foot care for diabetics sessions. Ensure that you cut the toenails in a straight line while filling the edges. Also, never cut the nails too short since it leads to ingrown toenails. 

4) Check Your Feet Daily

Our feet unknowingly often inhibit blisters, cuts, redness, and swelling. Taking good care of the feet with regular washing and the moisturizing process might not be enough. Henceforth it is necessary to check the mentioned feet issues and talk to your doctor if you find the concerns on a serious note.

5) Wear Socks

If you want nourishing feet care for diabetics, ensure that you wear socks while you sleep at night. It will preserve the moisture, keeping it intact for the rest of the night and providing you with supple, soft, and delicate feet in the morning. For the winter season, consider adding a heating pad.

6) Always Use A Soft Pad, 

Yes, cleaning and washing your feet is essential. However, ensure that you take the gentler path. You can consider taking a soft sponge or delicate washcloth. Once you are finished with your feet washing session, it is suggested to blot dry. Also, be careful around toe areas. 

7) Keep Them Warm

Try to maintain a warm temperature for your feet in cold weather. In addition, it is better that you don’t let your feet get wet in the cold season. It is advised to wear socks and shoes.

8) Never Treat Your Feet Issues All By Yourself

Well, it is highly recommended that you treat your corns and calluses by a professional, for any unprecedented move that can hamper your already troubled diabetic lifestyle. 

9) Wear Dry Socks

Even if the socks are slightly wet, still avoid wearing them. The same cautionary note prevails for the shoes as well. You might get diabetic socks(socks with unique features such as cushioning, higher length, fiber-made, rapid dry, and no elastic top) for extra care for the feet. Additionally, change them daily.

10) Avoid Walking Bare Feet

Even when you are home, prevent walking on your bare feet. For an extra idea of care, ensure that you choose footwear suitable for diabetics.

11) Practice Ayurvedic Lifestyle

An Ayurvedic choice of lifestyle supports these practices mentioned above wholeheartedly. Additionally, it eases your struggle when you begin your diabetic lifestyle to treat and tame the blood sugar level in the body.

5 Essential Ayurvedic Steps To Help Your Diabetic Lifestyle

  1. Engage in healthy eating habits; so include Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Amla, and Aloe vera while preparing meals for the patient.
  2. Practice detoxification as and when the body demands it. Try enjoying an Epsom salt bath time to experience a relaxing, satisfying, and excellent detoxification session.
  3. Drink an adequate quantity of water daily, and avoid alcohol at all costs.
  4. Begin a healthy lifestyle where you go to bed early and rise early in the morning. Take morning walks, eat and drink on time, read and stay happy.
  5. Don’t forget to take good foot care for diabetics. Increased blood sugar levels make your skin go dry and flaky over time. And if not taken care of with a generous application of moisturizer on your feet the situation might worsen. So, ensure that you do that.

In Conclusion 

Getting a diabetic lifestyle is not something, anyone wishes to have. Not only are there restrictions in the meal charts, but several other genuine limitations come to attention as a challenge to handle. To make it an effortless journey, visit Vedelan. It is a comprehensive zone that covers every topic related to Diabetes and its regard. Hope you get your foot care for diabetics in place and sorted. Use Vede’lan Ayurvedic Herbal Foot Heal Cream Moisturizing, Softening & Repairs Broken Foot Skin.

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