Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss? Understanding the Effects

Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss? Understanding the Effects

People with diabetes are advised about the effects diabetes can have on their bodies, particularly on their eyes, legs, and toes. But how does it impact hair? Although diabetes does affect the hair, it is rarely brought up or is written off as not being that serious for whatever reasons there may be. We explore the typical causes of diabetes in this blog post and treatments about hair care for diabetics.

How does diabetes affect the body?

When a person has diabetes, either one or both of these things may occur: the body lacks the ability to produce insulin, or it fails to use it correctly. Insulin is a hormone that aids in transporting circulatory sugar from food into cells where it can be stored or used as fuel.

Sugar can build up in the blood when one does not have enough insulin or when it is not used correctly. The kidneys, eyes, and nerves are just a few of the organs that this extra sugar can harm. Additionally, there is a danger that it will damage the blood arteries that deliver oxygen throughout the body to energize tissues and organs. It also affects the hair follicles as enough oxygen cannot be given to the hair follicles due to the damaged blood vessels. And the natural cycle of hair development is impacted by this oxygen deficiency.

Diabetes’s influence on the hair-growth cycle

There are typically four stages for hair. At least two years pass throughout the growing season, and hair grows one centimeter every month. The hair enters a resting phase after a transitional period. Up to four months may pass during this. After this time, some dormant hair starts to reappear. Diabetes can halt this process by delaying the growth of new hair.

Additionally, diabetes may result in more significant hair loss than usual. Losing hair affects more than just your head. Your legs, arms, and other body areas may lose hair. Hair grows less quickly than expected. People with type 1 diabetes experience hair loss more frequently than non-diabetics. Stress-related to managing a chronic condition like diabetes, thyroid issues that can affect certain people with diabetes and cause hair loss with type 2 diabetes, and adverse side effects of your diabetes medications are other possible causes of hair loss. It’s critical for people with diabetes to care for their hair properly.

Diabetes patients’ common reasons for hair loss

  • Alopecia Areata

Most people with diabetes experience alopecia, a disorder where the immune system attacks the hair follicles and causes patches of hair loss.

  • Hormonal Irregularities

Diabetes can always cause hair loss since it alters hormone levels. But before you attribute hair loss to diabetes, you should be aware that there may be other causes as well. Diabetes would only have been the cause of one’s persistent hair loss.

  • Reduced Blood Flow

Diabetes may have an impact on your body’s blood flow. Poor blood circulation can affect many body regions, and it can also affect the scalp, which ultimately results in fewer nutrients reaching the hair follicles. This interferes with the growing process of hair, resulting in hair thinning and hair loss.

  • Immune System Issues

Most people with diabetes also frequently have additional health problems, like thyroid problems. If the thyroid is not functioning correctly, they may experience severe hair loss. If someone has skin conditions or rashes, their scalp may also become unhealthy, straining their hair roots and eventually resulting in more significant hair loss.

Ayurvedic Hair care for diabetes

  • Lavender

Lavender is one of the most well-known herbs for promoting hair development and preventing baldness. The scalp’s blood flow is boosted, new hair growth is strengthened, and the scalp’s natural oil production is more evenly distributed using lavender oil. It is well recognized to have antibacterial characteristics that will aid in calming and mending scalp infections and irritations, and it is instrumental in treating dandruff and dry, flaky scalp. Lavender can help treat hair loss since it is a good treatment for many scalp disorders and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic effects. The consistent application of lavender hair oil as hair care for diabetics will aid in hair regrowth and loss prevention.

  • Green Tea

Due to its numerous health advantages, green tea is a highly well-liked natural herb. This herb is a highly successful treatment for baldness and damaged hair because this hair care for diabetics contains antioxidants that stop hair loss and panthenol, which strengthens the hair.

  • Rose Petals

Rose petals can be used to revitalize hair and encourage new growth by adding them to boiling water and creating a rinse. Additionally, this hair care for diabetics can be used on the hair to condition it and add gloss. Because rose petals are antibacterial, they can be used to soothe rashes on the scalp.

  • Horsetail

Horsetail is a herb that is found in nearly all hair care products. Due to the presence of silica, it strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and breakage, and also works well to strengthen bones. You can either select a product that uses horsetail as the primary ingredient or take it as a supplement, which is commonly available. Nevertheless, we would like to give a word of caution. Herbal diuretics include horsetail. This hair care for diabetics, then, might cause you to get dehydrated. Drink a ton of water to stay hydrated and up and running so you may enjoy the herb’s advantages without worrying about your health.

  • Ginseng

The well-known Chinese herb is a safe, all-natural treatment for various health issues, including hair loss. Ginseng can help with hair restoration and is a highly effective baldness treatment. It will aid in hydrating the hair and increase its tensile strength. This hair care for diabetics is one of the main components present in the majority of hair tonics and shampoos.

  • Rosemary

For hundreds of years, rosemary has been used to treat hair loss. It works wonders on balding and thinning hair. It functions most well when combined with olive oil for hair growth. Apply a mixture of rosemary and olive oil directly to the scalp. This hair care for diabetics not only encourages hair development but also works to delay the premature aging of hair. It is fantastic at providing the nourishment that hair follicles require.

  • Brahmi

This particular herb for hair development is particularly well-liked. Brahmi, commonly referred to as bacopa Monnier, is a component of several hair products and medications. As with coat buttons, Brahmi works best when combined with other medicines that promote hair growth. Alkaloids are thought to be the active proteins that support hair development and are found in this hair care for diabetics.

  • Peppermint

Another traditional herbal therapy for treating hair loss and promoting human hair growth is peppermint oil. It will support hair development by enhancing the proliferation of hair follicles. It will aid in improving the scalp’s blood flow and connect the hair roots to the scalp. The herb peppermint is well known for relieving itching and inflammation since it has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This hair care for diabetics is frequently administered to the scalp and hair in the form of oil, diluted before usage, and known to promote hair growth. It increases blood flow, enhancing the amount of nutrition the follicles receive.

How can Vedelan help you to get the best hair care for diabetics?

Ayurveda’s comprehensive approach to treating hair loss aims to balance the Pitta dosha by utilizing a mix of herbal remedies, a customized food and lifestyle plan, and lifestyle changes. Yoga, breathing techniques, purifying oil massage, meditation, herbal treatments, and a healthy diet are all recommended to treat the scalp issue. You can also buy Ayurvedic anti-dandruff shampoo on Amazon. Vedelan delivers organic and natural hair care for diabetics. In addition to the internal balance of body physiology, they also have external body care formulas and hair care solutions to keep individuals healthy on the inside and the outside.

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