How to Reverse Hair Loss with type 2 Diabetes?

How to Reverse Hair Loss with type 2 Diabetes?

Hair loss is one of the many symptoms and health problems that diabetes can bring about. However, maintaining stable blood sugar levels may make hair loss less severe. The life cycle of hair contains a regular phase of hair loss. Hair will start to fall out when it comes to the end of its life cycle. Typically, new hair will grow from the exact hair follicle to replace it. A new hair may sometimes fail to grow, though. This hair loss may be apparent if there are sizable patches of the scalp where new hair does not grow. Numerous elements, such as stress, hormones, excessive blood sugar, and underlying medical disorders like diabetes, might influence hair development. This issue can be eliminated with proper hair care for diabetics.

The effects of diabetes on the cycle of hair growth

Hair usually goes through four stages. The growing period lasts at least two years. During this time, hairs grow one centimeter each month (cm). After a transitional phase, the hair enters a resting phase. This may last for as long as four months. After this period, some latent hair begins to fall out. This process can be stopped by diabetes, which will slow the creation of new hair. You can also use 11 herbal remedies for hair growth.

Additionally, having diabetes may cause you to lose more hair than usual. Hair loss has an impact on more than just your head. You can lose hair on your legs, arms, and other body parts. The pace of hair growth is less rapid than usual. Hair loss is more common in type 1 diabetes than in non-diabetics. Additional potential causes of hair loss include stress associated with managing a chronic condition like diabetes, thyroid problems, which affect certain people with diabetes and can result in hair loss, and adverse side effects of your diabetes medications. It’s crucial for people with diabetes to take care of their hair properly. 

Can diabetes cause hair loss?

Some people may have hair thinning and hair loss due to diabetes since the condition can affect how hair grows, causing more hair to grow than usual and preventing the formation of new hair. A person with diabetes may experience hair loss for various reasons, but the following are the most typical ones.

  • High Blood Sugar

Blood sugar levels rise as a consequence of high glucose levels. The extra sugar might harm your blood vessels as well as other organs throughout your body. Your body’s organs and tissues are nourished by the oxygen and nutrients carried by your blood vessels. Your hair follicles’ ability to receive oxygen from these injured blood vessels could be compromised, which would alter your hair cycle.

  • Hormones and stress

Diabetes has a draining effect on your body. Both physical and emotional stress can directly impact the hair growth cycle. The method by which hair follicles regenerate is affected by these varying hormone levels.

  • Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata can involve anyone. It impacts all racial and ethnic groups equally and men and women equally. Although it can begin at any age, most people encounter it in their twenties, thirties, or teenagers. It tends to be more extreme and progressive in people with diabetes. Although many people don’t have a family history of the disease, your risk may improve if you have a close relative who has it. Numerous genes have been combined by researchers to the illness, indicating that genetics may be involved in alopecia areata. Many of the genes they have uncovered are crucial for the immune system’s proper function. Alopecia areata is more familiar in people with certain autoimmune disorders, such as psoriasis, thyroid disease, or vitiligo, as well as in people with allergy diseases like hay fever. People at risk for developing alopecia areata may create it due to mental stress or an illness, although this is not constantly the case.

Is hair loss from diabetes reversible?

Hair loss can sometimes be reversed. There are numerous therapies, some of which are different for men and women. Even said, the majority of hair loss treatments are temporary fixes that only work while a person is utilizing them. Some people are able to prevent or slow down hair loss by using hair care for diabetics.

In addition to that, the best method to achieve this is by keeping stress under control and keeping blood sugar levels under reasonable control. People can control their blood sugar by regularly reviewing blood sugar levels, taking all prescribed medications prescribed by a doctor, eating a balanced healthy diet, and exercising often. Seeking the support of friends and family, receiving counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy (C.B.T.), practicing mindfulness, and adopting relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises are all methods one can use to reduce and manage stress.

Hair care for Diabetics

Starting hair care for diabetics is similar to creating one for your skin. You won’t often deviate from it once you’ve found one that fits you. Finding that routine, however, might be a little challenging, especially when there are several options available for those with the same hair type.

  • Cleansing

Cleansing strikes a balance between removing product residue and dead skin cells while preserving the natural oils in the hair. Sebum will accumulate without proper washing, creating an unwelcome oily behind. And if dead skin isn’t removed, so will it. A lack of cleanliness in the hair may make the skin’s 28-day cycle of renewal more obvious. If you swim frequently, you also don’t want chlorine to remain on your hair. The more time it has to destroy the hair and rob it of its natural components, the more damage it can do when sitting.

  • Use the Correct Shampoo

It would be best to use the correct shampoo that doesn’t contain a long list of hazardous ingredients to clean your scalp and hair shafts. Additionally, you must select the Anti-dandruff shampoo that is appropriate for you based on the type of hair you have. Your hair follicles will be nourished, strengthened, and encouraged to grow thicker using products designed specifically for hair care for diabetics. Using ayurvedic shampoos will maintain your hair bright and healthy and have a hint of nature.

  • Hydrate and Seal

You can wish to start a two-step technique called “moisturize and seal” to supply the hair with even more hydration. This can be especially helpful for coily or kinky hair that is prone to being dry. When using a hydrating product with sealing oil, the plan is to fill in moisture rather than lock in dryness.

  • Detangle

Detangling is crucial for preventing breakage and greatly easing your life. But in order to avoid unintentionally pulling out hair, you must use the proper tool, such as a wide-tooth comb. You might need to detangle daily or much less frequently, depending on your hair type.

  • Avoid shampooing every day

You might believe that routine hair care for diabetics is a rigorous hair cleansing process due to the high germs, bacteria, and pollutants. A daily washing application is not necessary for diabetic hair. Frequent shampooing might make your hair dry, mainly if you have naturally dry hair. Try using a natural shampoo like correct hair care for diabetics twice a week to help you deal with this problem.

  • Oil your Hair

Regularly oiling your hair is the fundamental step in any hair care regimen. Oiling is a quick fix for rough, curly hair as well as damaged, dry, split-end, and dandruff-prone locks. It reinforces the hair follicles and improves the volume of your hair by making it frizz-free and silky. Hair care for diabetics can be used to hydrate and nourish your hair.

How can Vedelan help?

Ayurveda’s all-encompassing strategy for treating hair loss aims to balance the Pitta dosha using a combination of a customized diet and lifestyle plan, herbal medicines, and lifestyle modifications. To treat the scalp condition, a mix of yoga, breathing exercises, detoxifying oil massages, meditation, herbal drugs, and a balanced diet is advised. Natural and organic hair care for diabetics is available from Vedelan. They have external body care formulations and hair care products in addition to the internal balance of body physiology to keep people healthy on the inside and the outside.

Visit the Vedelan website to find the items that are best for your skin and hair type.

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