Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes for 2023

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes for 2023

Have you considered Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes? Diabetes is a critical health problem that attacks around 11% of the global population because of unhealthy lifestyle practices. It is not a curable health condition; however, proper maintenance of the situation gives you a stable check on the rise of sugar levels in the blood. 

Diabetes occurs when the glucose level in the blood suddenly rises, which, if not checked, damages the heart, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels, and eyes in the long run.

What Are The Types Of Diabetes? 

There are two types of diabetes.

Type 1: Ongoing research is being undertaken to determine the actual cause of Type 1 Diabetes. In this illness, the immune system attacks the pancreatic cells that make insulin, significantly lowering insulin production. Consequentially the blood sugar level rises.

Type 2: In Type 2 diabetes, the body becomes resistant to the production and effects of insulin. Additionally, if you experience sudden, abrupt weight gain, you may want to get tested for Type 2 diabetes.

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes has gained solid attention in the pharmaceutical industry. These potent varieties of sugar medicines are precisely treating the raging problem of diabetes. So, should you also be going for Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes?

Here is why…

What Are The Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes for 2023?

To manage your enraging blood sugar level well, you got

Pancromed-K For Obese Body Frame

This Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is excellent for obese people seeking reliable diabetes treatment. Pancromed-K For an Obese Body Frame is also suitable for people with a high BMI who are at or over the age of 45.

Pancromed-K For Obese Body Frame lets you enjoy-

  • Maintain a sufficient blood sugar level.
  • It also aids in managing the acidity level and flatulence while balancing the loss of appetite.
  • Improves gastric disorders.
  • Aids in suppressing generalized body stiffness.
  • It helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • It controls the frequency of urination, manages appetite, and assists in balancing mental exhaustion.

Pancromed-P For Medium Body Frame

It is advised to use Pancromed-P For Medium Body Frame for dealing with Type 2 diabetes. You can effectively manage Type 2 diabetes by taking this medication regularly. Additionally, you can adjust the physio-chemical enzyme concentration and digestive juices (essential for balancing the body’s average blood sugar level) with the help of this Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

Pancromed-P For Medium Body Frame lets you enjoy-

  • Maintain a sufficient blood sugar level.
  • Improves gastric disorders.
  • Aids in suppressing generalized body stiffness.
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • It controls the frequency of urination, manages appetite, and assists in balancing mental exhaustion.

Pancromed-V Slim Body Frame-

It is recommended to use Pancromed-V to manage and prevent Type 2 diabetes. The tablet assists you in managing complications like a sudden loss of weight and a decline in BMI prediabetic condition. This Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes also looks after-

  • Lessening down the urge to urinate frequently.
  • Improves gastric disorder.
  • It helps in tackling generalized stiffness.
  • Aids in maintaining the required BP.

Should You Be Cautious About Side Effects Of Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes?

The Pancromed-P For a Medium Body Frame, Pancromed-V For a Slim Body Frame, and Pancromed-K For an Obese Body Frame can be taken for a long time because they have no side effects to offer. These Ayurvedic diabetes medications can be taken daily at two to four tablets or as your doctor directs. However, children under the age of ten and women who are pregnant or nursing should not take these ayurvedic medications.

Is There Any Permanent Cure For Diabetes?

As of yet, NO. But the medicines discussed here are some fantastic medical inclusion that will help you manage your high blood sugar level effortlessly. 

Should You Change Your Diet While Experiencing High Blood Sugar Levels?

Picking some natural home remedies to pace up sugar level management is a wise decision. So here are some alterations which you need to include in your health habit while including Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes

  • Add bitter gourd juice with Indian gooseberry juice and drink it daily. It is a proven Ayurvedic remedy that shows significant health improvement.
  • Prepare a drink of tulsi, neem, and bel leaves as an early morning drink(pick ten leaves for each of the herbs mentioned). Drinking this healthy herbal fluid daily can give you impressive control over your high blood sugar level. 
  • Eat bitter gourd every day but make sure to cook it in ghee. It has shown effective results in managing your blood sugar levels.
  • Use copper water kitchenware, if it’s possible. Fill a copper pitcher/jug with water overnight, then consume the water in the morning. It is one of the best practices for managing high blood sugar levels.
  • Fenugreek seeds must be included in your diabetic meal chart, along with turmeric and white pepper. Take Fenugreek (100 g), turmeric (50 g), and white pepper, grind these herbs, and keep them combined. Take one teaspoon of the combination, add these to one glass of milk, and consume it twice daily.

Should You Be Changing Your Lifestyle Habits Too?

Yes, of course. When you suffer from high blood sugar levels, bringing notable lifestyle changes is necessary. So start implementing 

  • Maintain the health of your eyes.
  • Make sure to get approximately 40 minutes of exercise each day.
  • Stop the practice of drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Avoid dozing off during the day.
  • Schedule a time from 24 hours to meditate.
  • Eat meals in small portions.
  • Consume low-fat, unsalted, and sugar-free foods.
  • Enjoy a heavy lunch. 
  • Keep a close eye on carb consumption per day.
  • Remove the negativity and embrace the positivity and see a magical change.
  • Try to get eight hours of restful sleep (only at night).

In Conclusion 

So, we have covered everything necessary about Diabetes and Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. A little extra care(in terms of diet, water intake, skin, body care, and hair) is required when handling this physiological condition. But never give up. Continue to fight because improvement is possible in treating diabetes.

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Also, we hope you have a fantastic day ahead.

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