9 Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin With Type 2 Diabetes

9 Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin With Type 2 Diabetes

When you are sitting in a group and ask a question as to how many amongst them have diabetes, how many hands do you see raised? Half of them would say that they have diabetes. Diabetes is the most common and fast-growing disease affecting millions of people around the world. And type 2 diabetes is the most common among people these days. While diabetes leads to some serious health problems and issues, it can also stress your skin in many ways, leading to skin infections and other problems.

These signs of skin conditions show how serious your condition is and what control it requires. Diabetes can change your skin dramatically. It becomes dry and flaky, loses moisture, causes cuts and sores, and leads to other skin infections. Therefore, skincare for diabetes needs to be different, and here we discuss ways to maintain healthy skin in type 2 diabetes patients. 

9 ways to maintain healthy skin with type 2 diabetes

Contaminations that go untreated can create huge issues. It can prompt ulcers that are difficult to treat and even remove. That is the reason it pays to take great consideration of your skin. Here are basic ways of doing as such:

  • The main way to battle any diabetes-related intricacies is to ensure that you keep your glucose levels at the objective levels, however much as could be expected. Keeping a sound glucose level can assist you with staying away from any diabetes-related skin issues.
  • Infections are more common in individuals who have diabetes. They appear in warm, saturated regions, such as under the arms and bosoms and between the legs and toes. So take more time to keep those spots dry. Dry off totally after a shower or bath. Be that as it may, pat, don’t rub, which could aggravate your skin.
  •  However, after you wash, apply an aroma-free cream to any areas that can get dry and bothersome (stay away from your toes). Alternate ways of keeping your skin hydrated: Use a humidifier in your home and drink water.
  • Take a look at your skin every day. Utilize a mirror for hard-to-see regions, or request that a friend or family member help. Examine for potential issues, like a dry fix of the skin or little cuts. Clean any cuts or scratches and cover with a wrap. Inquire as to whether you ought to utilize treatments. Contact your primary care physician immediately if you notice an injury that doesn’t appear to be mending. Additionally, your primary care physician should check your feet cautiously during routine visits.
  • Short, smooth nails are more averse to getting on something and tearing. Cut your toenails straight across to keep away from ingrown nails. Assuming they’re excessively thick or difficult to work with, you might need to have a foot specialist (called a podiatrist) make it happen. Check your shoes before putting them on for pebbles or other garbage that could hurt your feet.
  • Wear sunscreen. A burn from the sun can raise your glucose levels. Burns from the sun can likewise cause parchedness and irritation. To safeguard your skin, pick a sunscreen with an SPF of no less than 30. Wear it even on dark days. What’s more, avoid the sun if possible.
  • A corn or callus on your foot might seem like you don’t like anything to stress over. In any case, when you have diabetes, the tough skin can split down and open up. Profound breaks can create. If any of these happen, you can foster a genuine infection, like cellulitis. A dermatologist or podiatrist can give the consideration you want to treat corns or calluses.
  • Limit the use of skin care products you’re utilizing routinely, and search for a decent cream free from scents and colors. Vedelan has a range of products that are paraben and silicone-free. They are made from ingredients like Sphaeranthus indicus, Fumaria indica , Rubia cardifolia,Hemidesmus indicus,Sida cardifolia , Curcuma longa, Pandanous odorattissimus, Mesua ferra, etc. that keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. Their products are great for diabetic people as well. 
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes to allow your skin to relax. Go for materials like cotton that permit air to move around your body to keep away from extreme perspiring.


Even though it could feel like you can ignore minor issues, recollect that with a deep-rooted disease like diabetes, the best way to keep away from such complications is playing it safe. Never overlook something even as minor as an ingrown nail. These skincare for diabetic patients will help maintain healthy and glowing skin with diabetes. 

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