9 Significant Rules About Skincare For Diabetics

9 Significant Rules About Skincare For Diabetics

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can terrify mental and physical well-being. There are Ayurvedic steps that one can pair up with medical assistance to support and heal the physical turbulence. However, good skincare for Diabetics is essential to keep your mind at peace. Since it brings another level of satisfaction when one finds their appearances minimalistically put together.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a severe critical health situation that occurs when the pancreas stops preparing an adequate amount of insulin or no amount at all. Consequently, the body stops responding to insulin in the process. Studies show that no evident cure for diabetes exists; therefore, it requires constant checking and controlling of the rise in sugar levels throughout the lifetime. 


What Are The Side Effects Of Diabetes?

A person with diabetes should cut their sugar intake, which will aid them in checking their blood sugar level. However, the patient often goes through-

  1. Frequent urination, therefore, frequent dehydration.
  2. Slow healing of wounds and injury.

Since there is a loss of water in the body due to frequent urination, patients often suffer from dehydration. This eventually makes the skin texture dry and flaky, a major diabetic skin care problem. Which again consequentially increases the risk of receiving injuries. 

Dry skin is more prone to getting infections as well. And as already stated, a person with diabetes takes time to heal. Therefore the chain reaction continues unless taken care of properly.

So, to begin your journey of simplistic treatment for handling diabetic skin care problems, here we start with-

9 Significant Rules About Skincare for Diabetics

Here are some notable diabetic skin care tips which you should follow to enjoy the long-term result-

  1. Look after your body parts that turn rough and dry more than the others. For instance, the armpit, toe, and groin area. 
  2. Save time on your bathing or shower sessions, especially when in warm/lukewarm water. Avoid hot water at all costs.
  3. Use gentle formulations of soaps, shampoos, facewashes, and shower gels.
  4. Take showers/baths twice a day. This helps people with diabetes with the proper release of shock protein while improving the effort of lowering blood sugar levels significantly.
  5. Use a targetted hand cream with jojoba oil and almond oil to moisten the sides of the fingers and the cuticles.
  6. Similarly, use a targeted feet moisturizer to seal up any possible and probable openings around extremely dry and cracked parts of the feet, like around the heel area.
  7. It is again advised to stop using fragrance in your daily products since fragrant items are typically harsh on the skin texture, irrespective of skin type. 
  8. Use a moisturizer as soon as you come out of the shower when your skin feels slightly damp. 
  9. Use a gentle technique, such as patting dry your wet body. Make sure that you look under the breasts, between the legs, between the toes, and under the arms. 
Diatetes skin problems

N.B-Always remember that these are the simple and essential skincare for Diabetics that should be kept under check and religiously practiced. This skincare for Diabetics can generously assist you with your high blood sugar leveled life. So, what else can you follow to improvise the skincare for Diabetics

  • Drink water and liquid; however, avoid alcohol and sugar-based drinks at every cost. 
  • Consider having a meal that includes omega-3 fatty acids (very effective in nourishing the skin texture). Food choices such as salmon, fish, sardines, tuna, and mackerel are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, flaxseeds, walnuts, and soybeans are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Besides adding a robust dose of health, these food choices will provide you with a glowy nourished skin texture, indirectly acting as a skincare for Diabetics.

What Else Can You Consider As Skincare for Diabetics?

Prevent dry skin

Never let the skin get dry. Especially in the fold(where skin touches the skin, such as the armpits, toes, and groin). Maintain the health and hygiene of this delicate area. However, ensure that these regions stay optimally dry. 


Avoid breaking the blisters since the skin covering the part usually protects the situation preventing infections. However, if there is a break, wash it with mild soap, then apply an antibacterial ointment. Make sure to put a cloth cover on the injury securing it with hypoallergenic paper tape. It will help if you change the bandage typically once a day. Now, if the blister happened due to wearing a shoe, then wear a different pair of shoes for the time being.


In case of suffering from frostbite, it is suggested to take medical assistance on an urgent basis. Use warm water and ensure that you don’t rub the area or apply the cream on that part. Avoid using that limb at all costs.

Minor Burns-

Treat the region with clean and cool running water avoiding and preventing the breaking of any blisters. Use a gentle formulation of soap to clean the part using warm water. Pat dry the region and cover the area with the gauze pad. Secure the wound with hypoallergenic paper tape. It is suggested to change the bandage once a day.

Minor Cuts-

Use a mild formulation of soap and warm water to clean the injury. Ensure the application of an antibacterial ointment in the injured part, then cover the area with a cloth bandage and secure the region with hypoallergenic paper tape. Make sure that you change your dressing once a day.


In case of treating rashes, use gentle soap and warm water to wash the area. Dab dry the region. Cover the irritated skin with a cloth or gauge, securing the same with hypoallergenic paper tape. Pay a keen eye on the affected wound, ensuring the irritation does not worsen. It would be best if you change the bandage once a day.

While Concluding

Skincare for Diabetics is a genuine concern for which you should sincerely take responsibility. If you are not the patient, someone in the family might need pampering. High blood sugar is not an ignorable condition that cures with time. As a responsible citizen, either help someone in need or take good care of yourself to fight this challenging health condition thoroughly. You can use Vede’lan ayurvedic anti ageing cream balanced formula for all skin types.

Hope this skincare for Diabetics guide, assists you in the future. Have a nice day ahead.

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