5 Health Benefits Of Taking Oil Bath

5 Health Benefits Of Taking Oil Bath

Have you heard about oil bath? It is a traditional Ayurvedic practice, practiced long back in the days of kings and their kingdoms. But the fast-paced lifestyle is on the verge of forgetting the therapeutic technique to calm down their tensed nerves and muscle utilizing this oil bath method.

So, what is an oil bath?

What Do You Understand By Oil Bath?

An oil bath, or in Ayurveda Pizhichila, is a therapeutic method that encourages a continuous flow of herbal oil to massage your body. The herbalized oil is squeezed over your body and then massaged gently, ensuring that you grow relaxed and chill for the time being. It is a soothing method that comfortably relaxes your tensed muscles and nerves.

Well, in South India, specifically in Malayalam, Pizchila translates to ‘Squeeze.’ This stress-buster method incorporates warm herbal oil streamed following a rhythm flow over the body. The practice might focus on a particular area of the body or be applied throughout. 

On a detailed note, applying oil in an oil bath plays a significant role. It is a fundamental step that allows the nutritional herbs to get soaked entirely in the body parts going deep into the tissues. The massage opens the pore, initiating healing, repairing, and positively impacting the tissues. This message technique is also a superb detoxification process. 

Ayurvedic Droni

The oil bath requires an Ayurvedic Droni; a table carved out from the bark of a Neem tree. The fantastic design of the table lets the practitioner use a sufficient amount of herbal oil to make the therapy finish on a satisfying note. The oil settled over the table gets absorbed into the table, which makes the Droni part of the stress-buster Ayurvedic ritual. 

Who Should Genuinely Consider Oil Bath?

This ayurvedic therapeutic practice is essentially suggested for –

  • People who are going through a detoxification plan.
  • People who are suffering from bone degeneration around the joints.
  • People with arthritis.
  • People who are going through Musculoskeletal and neuromuscular pain.
  • People who are experiencing excruciating stiffness and pain around the joints and muscles.

Which Body Oil Do You Need To Enjoy The Sumptuous Effect Of an Oil Bath?

Sure the competitive generation is struggling itself. Therefore, extracting time from your busy, hectic work and home life is hard to accomplish anytime soon.

So, to make it easier, Vedelan has formulated Vedelan After Bath Oil.

Vede’lan After Bath Oil For Your At-Home Oil Bath Therapy

Our skin is the gigantic body organ that needs something extra to perform and function properly in the long run. Only taking baths using a shower gel and applying moisturizer is not sufficient to treat it adequately. What makes your skincare practice finish on a rewarding note? It is the use of after-bath oil. 

Well, the Ayurvedic ritual demands Abhyangam, which in the layperson’s tongue, is a daily oil massage that supports the conventional practice of oil application after the bath in India. The primary reason for this ritual is to regain the skin’s hydration level, which is an urgent need to stay happy and healthy.

The active ingredients infused in this Vedelan after-bath oil are-

  • Rubia Cardifolia(Manjishtha)– This herb is significantly beneficial in treating skin irritations such as eczema and dermatitis.
  • Curcuma Longa(Turmeric)– This natural ingredient is very good in treating ringworm, itchy patches on the skin, eczema, and other relatable situation. 
  • Symplocus Racemosa(Lodh tree)– This herb is superb in healing skin damage from the sun’s UV rays. Besides, the herb is excellent in promoting anti-aging effects as well. 
  • Berberis Aristata(Daruhaldi)– This Ayurvedic ingredient enhances skin quality if used regularly.
  • Azadirachta Indica(Neem)- The anti-bacterial properties of Neem have proven their potency in dealing with skin issues for ages; therefore, once again, this miraculous active ingredient does treat your skin like it deserves to be. 

The additional ingredients namely Sesame oil, Coconut oil, Archis oil, Almond oil, and Lavender oil are included in the product that promotes cell turnover, enhancing your skin, the muscles, and skin tissues indisputably.  

Vede’lan After bath oil provides you with

  • A pleasant fragrance that energizes your mood, making you all happy and refreshed after your shower.
  • Proper massage of this after-bath oil encourages healthy blood circulation.
  • Limits skin infection.
  • It makes your skin soft and supple.
  • It makes your skin look glowy and healthy because the herbal oil goes deeper into the skin.

Vede’lan After bath oil is

  • Free from silicon, paraben, and mineral oil. 
  • It is a hypoallergenic item.
  • The After bath oil is a non-greasy non-sticky formula that offers the best of the oil when used on slightly damp skin.
  • Just take 2-3 spoons of oil and indulge in a thorough massage session until the oil gets completely absorbed into the skin.
  • The After bath oil is suitable for your diabetic family member as well; isn’t it awesome?
  • Lastly, it is the perfect solution to treat yourself if you can’t find time for a therapeutic Oil Bath.

But can you enjoy the similar benefits of an Oil Bath from Vedelan After Bath Oil? 

5 Healthy Oil Bath Benefits That You Can Enjoy From Vedelan After Bath Oil

If you want to experience an Oil Bath’s genuine and similar benefits, you can definitely consider Vedelan After Bath Oil, for that matter. 

But what are the benefits of an Oil Bath? Here are the following advantages listed down-

  1. Impressively decreases the degeneration process of the bone.
  2. Improves mobility of the joints.
  3. Enhances vitality while refining immunity.
  4. Promotes healthy bowel movement.
  5. Invigotars the lymphatic and circulatory processes.

While Wrapping Up

Booking a session of Oil Bath amidst the chaotic rush hours is slowly becoming necessary. However, taking a simple step at home makes your endeavor straightforward, isn’t it? Therefore without much thought grab the Vedelan After bath oil right today. This herbal oil is a solid investment that nurtures your well-being efficaciously.

Besides, you are enough to give yourself an Oil Bath session with this beautiful herbal oil right at your home, which is convenient and very urgent in this busy lifestyle. Lastly, this herbal oil is superb as a diabetic skin care product too.

Therefore visit Vedelan today to get one After bath oil for yourself. Happy Self Care Guys!!

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