How To Remove Black Spots On Face?

How To Remove Black Spots On Face?

How to remove black spots on face? This growing competition in professional life needs to give us sufficient time to eat and drink healthily. But do you think these two actions are enough to eliminate the unwanted pigmentation you are noticing popping up every few days? Understanding the reasons behind the sudden occurrence of pigmentation is what you need to sit with it first.

So, what are the general causes behind having dark spots on the face?  

What Are The Reasons Behind the Occurrence of Dark Spots On Face?

If you are looking for a remedy on ‘how to remove black spots on face’, understanding from the core is your first step. Melanin is the pigment that ideally provides the skin(the epidermal layer) the color. The higher the pigment level, the more intense the skin complexion. When you notice uneven pigmentation in your face or body, it means there are excess melanin depositions. 

If not taken care of on time, this accumulation of excess pigment can lead to unwanted dark spots and blemishes. This melanin deposition can affect the aesthetic if you have a fair complexion. In problematic situations, this can also affect the personality(the individual might suffer from a sudden loss of confidence).

How To Remove Black Spots On Face-What Are The Typical Reasons Behind Having Skin Pigments?

Here are some of the genuine reasons which we ignore, which are-

  • Excess sun exposure- If you are not using sunscreen daily, you are harming your skin terribly. Even if you are staying indoors, using sunscreen is essential. The solution protects your skin from the UVA/UVB rays used indoors and outdoors(Sunlight). 
  • Environmental reasons- Chemicals flying in the air, especially in polluted regions, are a typical cause behind pigmentations.  
  • Daily Cosmetics usage- If your skincare or makeup products include silicone or hydroquinone, these can give your skin pigmentation.
  • Medicines- If you are under some specific medications, chances are high of experiencing side effects such as blemishes and pigmentations.
  • Viral infections(from past and present)- If you have experienced viral infections such as chicken pox, the scars from the medical condition are notorious for giving blemishes and pigments. 

How To Remove Black Spots On Face?

If you are looking for the best solution on ‘how to remove black spots on face’, you should better change your skincare routine. For starters, boost your CM(Cleansing & Moisturising) ritual with- 

How To Remove Black Spots On Face? With Vede’lan Anti-Blemish Facewash,

Change your cleanser with Anti-Blemish Facewash, this ayurvedic treatment for pigmentation on face. This face wash is very gentle and is formulated with all the neat Ayurvedic ingredients suitable to treat blemishes and unwanted skin pigments. This delicate face cleanser helps remove the dirt, grime, debris, and oil build-up inside the pores, beautifully solving your query on ‘how to remove black spots on face’. 

The chief ingredients are HA(a natural humectant) and Vitamin C(works superbly on intense pigmentation), which diligently repair the skin while providing a deep cleansing session. Additionally, if you suffer from breakouts and acne, this face wash is what you need. With the religious application of the product, you will generously experience 

  • It makes your skin look younger. 
  • Exfoliates the skin while maintaining the proper size of the skin pores. 
  • Removes dead skin cells. 
  • Prevents Blemishes, 
  • Dark Spots. 
  • Prevent uneven Skin Tone. 
  • Control oil and 
  • Deeply cleanses your skin. 
  • Mild pleasant fragrance for a fresh feeling.

To finish your CM ritual, use Vedelan day cream and night cream. These all-natural skin care items work dedicatedly to delivering radiant skin texture. However, adding some home remedies to your skincare practices is also beneficial add-ons you can consider, such as- 

How To Remove Black Spots On Face: 8 Ayurvedic Treatments For Pigmentation On Face

1) Lemon Juice

Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C. Application of lemon juice directly on your skin increases the chances of getting skin irritation. Therefore prepare a face mask, adding one tablespoon of lemon juice. It would help you treat your skin concerns effectively if applied only twice a week. 

2) Water

If you want to experience clear and radiant skin, without question, drink 3 liters of water daily. Besides, water intake also ensures that you sense tighter and plumper-looking skin. 

3) Tomato Juice

After cleaning your face with Vedelan Anti-blemish face wash, applying a face mask with tomato juice is a wise choice of skin care practice. So, prepare a honey mask, adding tomato juice. It gives you radiant-looking skin, which will help you fight skin pigments while boosting your confidence. 

4) Aloe Vera juice

If you want to try something interesting, replacing water with aloe vera juice can be a superb option to count in. Besides, after washing your face with Vedelan Antiblemish face wash, tone down the bare skin with aloe vera gel. Follow up this skincare habit with Vedelan day cream/night cream as per the time of the day.  

5) Potatoes

More specifically, potato juice is remarkable in treating tan and skin pigmentation. The application is also very effortless. Just take a slice of potato, add just a few drops of water and rub the idea on your regular/cleansed face. See the difference in just one application only.

6) Papaya

Papain in Papaya is a rich type of enzyme that provides a neat exfoliating session. You can go for this scrubbing practice twice a week. Once the dead skin build-up is removed, the fresh cell regenerates, helping with pigmentation and blemishes.

7) Sandalwood

After thoroughly cleansing your face with Vedelan Anti-blemish face wash, apply a face mask having sandalwood, honey, and milk. You will observe a noticeable glow in no time.

8) How To Remove Black Spots On Face? With Turmeric

Turmeric is renowned for its skin-lightening properties. So, applying a turmeric face mask is beneficial after you have neatly cleansed your pores. Add turmeric powder, aloe vera pulp, and ghee. Apply the blend on your cleansed skin, and keep it for a minimum of 15 mins before washing it off with warm water. 

In Conclusion,

So, these are your answers to ‘how to remove black spots on face’. See, no one prefers pigmented skin, right? So, to enjoy good, happy skin, begin your skincare routine as suggested here. The Vede’lan skin care products are pretty impactful for people with diabetes as well. If you want to check all the Ayurvedic items for your skin, hair, and body care, check all the items in Vedelan.

The platform shares robust information on Ayurveda which will help you change your regular/diabetic life intensively.

So, without any further delay, begin your Ayurvedic lifestyle right now!!

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