Your Guide To Ayurvedic Pitta Skin Type: Medley of Fire & Water!

Your Guide To Ayurvedic Pitta Skin Type: Medley of Fire & Water!

There are three governing principles, or doshas, in the Hindu medical system: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas govern your intellect, emotions, and body, mainly your skin. Based on distinct proportions of the five fundamental elements – space, air, water, fire, and earth – the doshas have different characteristics. 

Skin care for diabetics is essential, and when one of these doshas dominates, it can cause many skin problems for diabetics. If you are an airy Vata dosha person, if it predominates, then your skin may be dry, sensitive, and chilly to the touch. Fir, greasy and cold to touch skin results from an earthier Kapha dosha. And for Pitta dosha, the person will have reddish, warm, and slightly oily skin. Ayurvedic medicine teaches that using proper skin care for diabetics that are opposite or harmonizing with your dosha will result in good skin. 

What characteristics do people with Pitta Dosha have?

If Pitta is your dominant dosha, you probably have a warm temperament, sharp and wise thinking, and intense passion. Pitta people Can be incredibly organized, capable of managing projects, and highly focused. They have a strong desire to act and are practically inclined. Because of how clearly planned their courses are and how easily everyone can understand them, they are enjoyable to have as educators. The Pitta personality is methodological and frugal with their spending. They enjoy outdoor activities, using Essential oils such as rose and sandalwood, and instead have a well-lit air workspace. Pitta is made up of the fire element and is distinguished by characteristics like being slightly oily, hot, light, and liquid.

These characteristics manifest as things like a tendency for diarrhea, sensitivity to the sun, and irritability. Pitta personalities typically have good muscle mass and medium build. They frequently have light skin and comparative light-colored eyes. 

Pitta dosha and diabetes

Pitta promotes fire, and when the fire is, the body starts to diminish, and diabetes starts to take shape. Pitta imbalance is essentially what causes diabetes in the body. Therefore it is crucial to do breathing exercises, such as Agnisar Kriya and Suryabhedi pranayam, eat meals, and use skin care for diabetics to balance Pitta and keep blood sugar levels stable.

What can cause Pitta Imbalance?

Prevention is better than cure, so you need to know what are the causes of Pitta Imbalances, so you can try to avoid them in the long run. A poor diet consisting of food that aggravates Pitta, like spicy, salty, sour, deep fried, and processed food, can cause pitta imbalances. Since pitta people enjoy outdoor activities, it is also vital that they do not expose themselves to excessive amounts of sun. Extreme emotional outbursts brought on by tension and stress or not getting enough sleep can also cause pitta imbalance.

Also, it is terrible for pitta people to use stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and tea in excessive amounts. 

What are the symptoms of Pitta Imbalances?

Pitta imbalances affect both the physical body and behavior. When it comes to Physical Pitta imbalances, the symptoms are increased thirst or hunger, infections, graying and hair loss, imbalance of hormones, and migraine. Hot flashes and a need for medicines with cooling effects, body odor and bad breath, sore throat, nausea when skipped meals, softness in the breasts or testicles, uncomfortable or heavy menstrual bleeding, redness of the skin, rashes, and skin infections are also a physical imbalance of Pitta.

When it comes to behavior changes due to pitta imbalances, the symptoms are being impatient, getting angry quickly, inflated ego, excessive focus on goals and results, resentment, jealousy, judgemental, the sensation of uneasiness, and getting excessive inclination towards perfection. 

How can you treat Pitta Dosha?

  • Avoid eating hot or spicy food

Avoid eating hot and spicy foods because Pitta is naturally fiery and sharp, and eating hot food would fuel that fire. Inflammation, ulceration, and acidity in the stomach will all increase with the intake of hot and spicy foods. Peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits(other than lemon), sour fruits, garlic, vinegar, fermented food, spicy flavors like tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper, dark pepper, excessive salt, fried food, and red meat should be avoided. 

  • Never Skip Meals

If you have a pitta imbalance, your metabolism is at its peak during this time. Skipping meals will result in symptoms such as low blood sugar, crankiness, irritability, temper, unsteadiness, hyperacidity, and several other pitta imbalance symptoms. You must set up a healthy meal schedule and eat at appropriate times if you want to prevent this. Ensure that lunch is a large meal, as Pitta is the most active day. 

  • Increase consumption of “cool” foods

Consuming cooling meals is a fantastic alternative to turning down the heat when Pitta is intense. Coconut (oil, water, and meat) and other tropical fruits and vegetables like lime, parsley, sweet lassi, cilantro, watermelon, pomegranate juice, cucumber, dates, figs, and avocado are some of the exceptional cooling foods. These foods also act as skin care for diabetics with pitta skin. 

  • Unwind after work

People with a strong work ethic and motivation are Pitta dominant. They are frequently extraordinarily driven and absorbed in their task most of the day. To calm Pitta, take a break from tasks requiring intense visual focus. It would help if you surround yourself with cool hues like pearl white, blue, green, silver, and gray. 

  • Yoga 

Pitta calming yoga must be practiced in order to prevent overheating of the body to practice yoga in the early morning or late at night. Child pose, marjaryasana, and bhujangasana are some beneficial yoga asanas or postures that might help reduce Pitta. 

  • Lifestyle changes

Wearing a hat and avoiding the sun and heat will help you minimize your time in the sun. Moonlight strolls can be helpful, as the moon cools us just as the sun heats us, making a perfect way to keep the Pitta in balance. Swimming, nature hike, or walks by the lake can also be implemented. Exercise e like spinning, hot yoga, lengthy marathon, and competitive sports should be avoided. Spend more time with calming, kind, and motivating individuals around you. You can wear cooling jewelry, such as pearls and diamonds, and surround yourself with pleasant aromas and flowers like jasmine, lavender, and mint. 

How are Pitta and Skin related?

Pitta dosha’s primary element is fire; hence this type of skin is associated with heat and inflammation. Because of this, even the most straightforward problem can cause the pitta skin type to flare up. The skin has a shine to it and is warm to the touch. It might not be oily all over, but it might be sensitive near the T-zone of the face near the nose, eyebrow, and forehead. Many dermatologists may refer to this as “combination” skin because the cheeks are usually dry. Proper skin care for diabetics must be implemented to take care of this skin type. 

Skin care for Diabetics with Pitta Skin

Since Pitta’s skin needs cooling and nurturing, choose skin care for diabetics that offer sun protection. Avoid skin therapies that can harm your delicate skin, such as sunbathing. Avoid using harsh, synthetic cosmetics that can harm your skin if you have sensitive skin because it is prone to cause breakouts. Rose is cooling to the skin, therefore, rose water can be an excellent addition to your skin care solution for diabetes.

When you are outside in the sun, make sure you protect your skin well by wearing sunscreen, use gentle, natural, and ayurvedic skin care for diabetics to cleanse and hydrate, 

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