Here Is A Quick Cure For Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Stone

Here Is A Quick Cure For Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Stone

Are you wondering about ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone? Do they really work? Of course, recent studies on ayurvedic treatment for kidney stone shed some notable light on the chapter, and there is some proven result in history confirming the theory. But on a clarification note…

What Are Kidney Stones And Their Causes?

A kidney is an essential part of human anatomy that functions effectively in eliminating the build-up of toxins in the body through urination. However, lack of adequate water intake and delaying urination has the chance of developing kidney stones. Kidney stones are solid masses of crystals that grow inside the kidney and are produced in different sizes and shapes. 

So, kidney stones travel throughout the Urinary tract and get stuck. The urinary tract combines kidneys, ureters, urethra, and urinary bladder. When a kidney stone gets stuck in any of these parts, it is a matter of concern that you need to take care of immediately. The most urgent symptoms comprise excruciating pain experienced in waves. However, it would be best if you also looked out for-

  • Burning sensation while urinating.
  • A frequent urge to urine.
  • UTI(Urinary Tract Infection).

The immediate course of action requires visiting a doctor. However, if you begin ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone from today itself, chances are high that you will save yourself from the situation big time. 


Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Stone Easily Made At Home

Well, you can prepare some remarkable ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone at home. Here are a few names you must consider putting into your health rituals-

Varuadi Vati- You can produce this natural medicine to keep your urinary problems at bay. Once taken religiously, the medicine has been proven to break down the stone while eliminating the crystals through urination. This medicine is also noteworthy in removing your body’s toxins while reducing pain. 

Mutrakrichantak Churna- This ayurvedic medicine naturally restricts the urea level. Besides, this herbal combo also works, bringing down the creatinine levels in the body and helping your kidney stay fit and fine. This Ayurvedic medicine is also effective in maintaining prostate enlargement while generating kidney cells. Lastly, this herbal remedy is also impactful for avoiding dialysis. 

Punarnava Mandur- This Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone is excellent for improving the blood count, eliminating toxins, improving the quality of the blood, reducing the level of urea, and maintaining the level of creatinine cholesterol in your body. 

Daruhiridra- In the common tongue, tree turmeric is an edible component and a rich source of Vitamin C. Many recent studies show that daruharidra is fantastic in treating kidney issues, like renal stones, urine retention, and any relative inflammation and infection. 

Haritaki-Haritaki, a deciduous plan variant abundant in tropical regions, exudes medical properties to treat urinary problems. The ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone is superb in treating urinary problems and pretty beneficial in treating diabetes, improving cognitive performances, boosting sexual health, enhancing stamina, and complementing digestion. Further, Haritaki is also quite effective in maintaining weight loss and boosting immunity. 

Kidney Stone Ayurvedic Treatment To Start Right Now

Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone has gained prominent attention in recent years. Now people incline towards going for natural remedies since these lack side effects and are proving multifaceted too. So, what is the scheme behind the idea-

5 Simple Kidney Stone Removal Ayurvedic Medicine To Count In

  • Water – This is a natural remedy to treat kidney stones. Drinking fluids and, most generously, water lets you flush out toxins from the body smoothly. Maintaining adequate water intake ensures you don’t experience kidney stones anytime in your lifetime.   
  • Lady Finger- Lady’s finger is a great source of magnesium, an antioxidant agent, and helps you with anti-inflammation. Consumption of lady’s finger prevents crystallization of minerals in the kidney; hence very good for avoiding renal stones.
  • Kollu- Kollu or horse gram prevents and treats kidney stones. Besides, it is an excellent home remedy to cure gallbladder stones too. Kollu effectively breaks down the crystals into minuscule pieces that come out seamlessly through the urinary channel. Additionally, many regards Kollu as a miracle pulse since it is a multifaceted herbal choice that treats several other health problems. 
  • Tulsi-Tulsi juice is a fantastic remedy that promotes uric acid balance in the body. Include the herb in your tea. Also, you can consume the tulsi leaves with honey. Besides removing kidney stones, the herb also significantly stabilizes kidney health. Also, did you know that basil/Tulsi is a rich antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent?
  • Lemon Juice with Honey- Start drinking warm water daily with a few drops of lemon(preferably half a piece of lemon ) while adding honey to the drink. The warm drink is superb in breaking down the stones accumulated in the kidney. The fluid lets the stones pass through the urinary tract neatly without pain or discomfort. If you make it a practice, chances are high that you don’t end up having the problem in the first place.

5 Yoga For Kidney Stone Treatment To Practice

Yes, you can treat your kidney stone problem with yoga. You will be delighted to learn that small and medium-sized kidney stones will be readily treated with beneficial yoga poses, which we will find out right now-.

Here is some yoga for kidney stone poses that you should try-

  • Pawanmukasana(Wind reliving pose)
  • Uttanpadsana(Raised leg pose)
  • Bhujangasana(Cobra pose)
  • Dhanurasana(Bow pose)
  • Garudasana(Eagle pose)

In Conclusion

Getting kidney stones is a matter to stress about. Yes, picking medical science is an obvious solution. But why not take the natural path this time? Besides, these are safe and versatile options discussed here.

So, include this ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone in your diet to ensure a high level of prevention in the first place. This ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone offers too many health benefits that we need to stay fit in this competitive generation. Also, see Vede’lan immuno swarna tablet with ayurvedic herbs helps to improve immunity system.

Hence without any further delay, start having these remedies today!

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